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When riding through the wilderness, it is impossible to not have a boner. This being the case, make sure to bring a girl along. Get her to begin giving you some off-road head.

Now, this is the tricky part. Basically, you are going to open the sunroof at the perfect time so that your splooge rockets out the top of the car. Hit the brakes so that the spunk makes it forward far enough to land on your windshield. If you don't think you can make this happen, then you better hope you can close your sunroof in time. Once on the windshield, hit the wipers and use your Coors enriched Rocky Mountain man juice to clean the dirt off of your car.

This trick can also be performed in a Jeep, but be careful as there is no sunroof to close in case it doesn't make it to the windshield.
Jeff- Hey Brendan, can we take the Jeep out?

Brendan- Sure dude, I just cleaned her up.

Jeff- Oh, did you take her to the car wash?

Brendan- Nah, I was getting a Colorado Blowjob at first then switched to some off-road head. I slipped a bit and gave her a Colorado Cock-slap, but that didn't stop us. When it was time to finish I figured I might as well let the cum fly and clean up the Jeep a bit.

Jeff- Good work, Lebowskeet. Way to use your pud for some Colorado Washer Fluid. Karioka.
by youngchub April 20, 2011

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