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A lame gang in Oxnard/Ventura County/ the 805.
CO Gangstas: Colonia Chiques foo!
Cool Guy: Shouldn't you be pickin' strawberries?
CO Gangstas: *cries and runs away*
by neener neener neener August 24, 2009
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The biggest gang in the area code 805/ventura county/Oxnard
down aka kilo is a known member, gang started around the 1960's its main rival is the south side chiques
In 2003 the Oxnard committe made a gang injunction in a 6.6 square mile area in Oxnard, The gangs attire is the dallas cowboy star
The colonia chiques are a gang to to be fucked with.
by COLONIERO October 29, 2007
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