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A book with a colon in the title almost certainly indicating it contains information that must be taken as the gospel truth because it was likely written by some former executive, politician, ivy league graduate, or other inflated character.

"My Left Asscheek: A Revolutionary Insight Into The Things I Want To Discuss, and Is Only Credible To People Who Agree With Me" by Mas Sateb, PhD, former CEO of Hot Air, Inc.

Pretty much like that but with other words that make it sound like someone with a bullshit ivy league resume wrote it, and is therefore (assumed) worth listening to.
Mr. Jackass "resigned" as CEO, this probably means he's going to write a colon book on things he believes he's the authority on.

Monopoly Corporation has survived that scandal, I guess there will be a number of "tell all" colon books soon.
by Mas Sateb June 21, 2010

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