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To ruin a great thing, for an extended period of time. Can apply to activities, objects, food, basically anything that you like at first, but then have a bad experience that turns you off of it.
Lasagna tastes great leftover, but you have to microwave it fuckin forever to make sure the inside isn’t cold. Last time I ate lasagna, I burnt my mouth on the first bite, then threw up once I got to the cold middle. It was so nasty that I couldn’t eat lasagna for a year.

(847): puked bacardi raz this morning. NEVER drinking that shit again!
(315): bitch thats the cold lasagna effect 4 u

Just saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno with that fat dude from Knocked Up. I don’t think I’ll ever have anal again after that scene where the big-titted chick shits all over the cameraman.
by Syracuse JOHNSON September 12, 2010
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