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After a long night of snorting coke, when you wake up, sick as fuck and having to go to work, you simply take 'one more line' and you're feeling perfect. Ready to take on the world and do it all over again
"I wouldn't have made it to work on time if not for the coke breakfast I had an hour ago. Time for another line, I'm starting to feel sick again"
by Ryan111111 May 10, 2008

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n. Any breakfast meal that consists entirely of coca cola in large quantities (1l of more)
(Jeff walks in to the Office at 7 Am carrying a half empty 2l coke)

Budd: "Hey jeff, you gonna kill yourself having a coke breakfast every morning"
Jeff: "I know man, but its all i got, and its an appetite suppressant"
by sie42 October 22, 2007