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(kō'ĭ-tes - mam-uh-res) n. adj. Sexual union between a male and a female involving insertion of the penis between the breasts. Usually accompanied by rhythmic movements, leading to the ejaculation of semen from the penis in the region between her cleavage, neck and chin. A high-brow description of a sexual act also known as "titty-fucking".

Coitus: Origin, Latin, from past participle of coīre, to copulate.

Mammaris: Origin, mammary 1682, from French mammaire; from Latin mamma "breast," probably from the child's word for "mother."
So Biff. How did it go with Muffy last night?

Fairly well, old chap. Muffy said she was in her "scarlet phase". So, after the cotillion, we did a little coitus mammaris in the back of the Bentley behind the clubhouse. I was a tad annoyed when she used my ascot to clean her "pearl necklace" off.
by Downside Risk January 14, 2010
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