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A person who allows their self to be expended, exploited and depleted by a system that cares nothing for them--one who squanders their potential by being a "cog" in the wheels of the system as opposed to finding ways around it.
Person 1: "Yo C just found a good clean non-system way to make funds and still have his own time and build fittingly in life. You think P would want to link up on something like that?"
Person 2: "Nah man... P is a cog sucker. P is either gonna flip burgers, work gas stations or cubicles at best before he does something on those lines."
by Agape Leone September 20, 2016
A person who prefers yellow cameras and inferior machine vision products. A person who often uses the phrase "do you know who I am" or "Do you know who I work for?" Cog Suckers are a tight knit group who's membership bounds are impenetrable.
Hey have you talked to Matthew recently?

Matthew? you mean that cog sucker?

You know what, I am tired of those cog suckers walking around with their big nose in the air.
by Ray Pinhose March 02, 2011
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