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A person who drinks alot of coffee in the morning and goes to the bathroom to have their Pee smell like coffee.
I just finished a pot of coffee. I better go to the bathroom and plug-in the Coffeemaker.
by salmonking May 09, 2013
a white person (usually female) who finds black people attractive
- "that black guy over there is so hot!"
- "girl, you are such a coffeemaker!"
by carriejean January 11, 2007
1. Cup of coffee with cum in it given to a woman after sex.
2. Cumming in your hand and then slowly dripping it onto the woman.
3. Slowly cumming in short quick bursts so as to drip onto the chick like when a coffee maker is almost done.
As soon as he was about to cum, Gary quickly pulled out and used the ol' coffee maker approach to give the girl a facial.
by JJLG November 13, 2007
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