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A professor who purposely spills coffee on her cleavage for probably attention from the class. Which gives people the idea that she most likely stripped her way though college and is a slut .
She doesn't buy coffee to drink it, she buys it to be a coffee slut .

Oh my god, that coffee slut professor of mine spilled coffee on herself and now my mid-term paper has boob stains on it.

Stop spilling coffee on yourself you coffee slut
by bcarrot January 23, 2011
1. someone who consumes copious amounts of coffee

2. someone with a large amount of knowledge pertaining to said caffeinated beverage (usually pretentious, has a job as a barista, and is probably a hipster)
That's your 6th shot of espresso since noon? You're such a coffee slut!

I saw her the other day at two different coffeehouses, the coffee slut!
by Uncanny Canary August 07, 2012
When you are NOT loyal to anyone or any place that serves up coffee.
"She is such a coffee slut, she even gets her coffee from 7-eleven."
by studio61 January 23, 2008
A woman who forces all the matches she finds on dating sites and considers dating to first meet over coffee to complete the preliminary interview process.
She was such a cute, blue-eyed blond in her profile pic. Yet, she looked so much older when we met and the coffee slut finally admitted that the photo was way more than five years old when it was taken.
by stlsrching April 16, 2011

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