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A crazy form of jogging done by Ben Hatley and his dog, Max. Done by first spilling a cup of coffee and then letting Max drink it from the floor. After this Max often looks for more but Ben tells him he doesn't have any. This causes Max to chase Ben through the house and sets Ben to jogging carrying the coffee cup in his hand. So if you want to get out of the morning fog, take yourself for a coffee jog! And remember, Ben Hatley told you!
Max: Hey, you got my coffee? I'm itching for some.

Ben: Here you go buddy! (he pours the coffee on the floor) Drink that and we can go on a Coffee Jog!

Max: Wouldn't Liv see us?

Ben: No! She's stretching. She wouldn't have seen us. This is our secret. Only you and me. (he reaches down and rubs Max's head)

Max: (takes off running) Woof! We'd better get going. This coffee is making me hyper.

Ben: You should thank me. Now I've got you jogging.

Max: Whew! That was a woof-out. Can you stretch me so I'm not so stiff?

Ben: Sure. Stretch your paws all the way over. Now that's it. That's Dog on the Mountain. Try this one: the Hatley Hula! And last not but not least, we do Down Dog. You love it, don't you?

Max: Sure do! I love Coffee Jogging. A great way for a dog to wake up. High paw! (Ben high-fives Max)
by Dusty's Baby Powder February 08, 2012
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