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No one knows how to spell it, and damned if they know where it is!
Coeymans is a town in rural Albany County, N.Y. and there is a small hamlet of the same name located along the Hudson River. In regards to the hamlet: there are beautiful houses, speckled with impoverished dwellings. Such a mixture creates the beauty of this small, historically rich atmosphere. You never know what you will get here in Coeymans.

Often the butt of a joke, Coeymans has it's high points, including it historical preservation, lovely park and hoppin' marina and water front landing. On the down side, there is a distinct presence of intergenerational poverty, car stopped in the middle of the road for people to chit-chat, and drunk boaters in the summer.
Ugh, he's so Coeymans
by Dirrrty Dee June 29, 2011