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Justin Bieber wannabe from Australia.
Person 1: Have you heard Cody Simpson's new song?
Person 2: Is that the Australian Bieber kid? Doesn't he only have like one song?
Person 1: Yeah..
by MellaPellaa August 09, 2010
The most untalented person in Hollywood. 'Nuff said.
Ted: Did you hear Cody Simpson's new song?

Penny: EW! Of course not. I don't wanna watch a watermelon head goober-fart on my computer! Talk about a HUGE waste of my time.
by watermelongirl183 August 06, 2010
An Australian jerk who doesn't care bout anybody but his self.
He's REALLY cocky&concided. He needs a NEWS FLASH!
He also has a VERY small penis!
Also he cant dance for shizz nip.
But he is a really good singer,You should youtube him(:
Lucy: OMG! Cody Simpson is incredible! I would totallly date him!

Ashley: Eww. You can totally tell he's a heartbreaker!
by FishNipples July 27, 2011