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A huge douchebag. Tries a little too hard to seem like he is into girls, while all his friends (if you could call him that) know he is secretly into men, and prances around in his mothers thongs and or tu tu's by nightfall. Normally is seen with absolutely no women/vaginas within a 2 mile radius. Cody Chance normally comes along with a very hairy ass, and usually is refered to by the women who know him as a premature ejaculator ( these previous statements may or may not include his mother/father ) they may also be false, but most likely i wouldnt fuck with you on this. they are 100 percent accurate. Cody Chance enjoys being left home alone with all the pets running around the house. he has been known to attempt impregnanting several of his feline friends. This is one fucked up puppy.
Dude where did all the women go?? Cody Chance came by so they drowned themselves.
#cody #chance #death #no game #douche
by Big Dick Nick Drady August 31, 2010
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