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Pronounced as (ko-de My-lum)Commonly mispronounces as (ma-la-m). This is a disease associated with teenage males displaying the following symptoms:

-Wears mostly camouflage
-Wears Glasses
-Blinks constantly
-Commonly seen with Velcro shoes
-Wears knee high black socks even while wearing white shoes
-Addiction to Runescape
-Has a sezure when touched
-Refers to self as King Shobu
-Eating slow
-Fascination for asian chicks
-Hickeys may occur
-Fascination with Dragonball
-Lack of Common Sense
-Denial of Lonliness
-Denial of Homosexuality
-Constant itching of the penis, testicles, gooch and asscrack
-Delightful sensations from anal penetration
-Chronic fucked up haircut
-Lack of dress sense
-Interest in unbelievably childish things
-Chronic Masturbation
-Several learning disorders including ADD, ADHD, Teretts, Fucktardation
-Denial of Fucktardedness
-Lack of muscle or fat
-Vulnerability to beatings
-A lifetime supply of Virginity
-Repetition of phrase "im going to kill you"
Person1: "Look at that guy over there he has no friends"
Person2: "Must be Codi Milam"

Person1 "Why does that kid keep staring at me while blinking rapidly?"
Person2 "Because he has Codi Milam's disease and as a symptom he is imagining you in a form of hentai!"

Person1: "Why does it take him 5 minutes to eat a cracker?"
Person2: "It's Codi Milam!"
by Fallen Voices April 04, 2009
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