A total school lockdown, usually done in public schools about twice a week. All the classroom doors are locked, the windows are covered, and the students have to put their heads down. Teachers usually either run away or hide under their desks.

Reasons for a Code Blue are the presence of guns or knives, major fights, or bomb threats. The annoucement comes over the P.A., and is usually ignored if no shots are heard.
"Code Blue! I repeat, Code Blue!"

"Yeah, yeah, we heard you the first time.
by Snowglobe December 18, 2005
An inconspicuous way of telling your friends that you see an attractive girl.
Dude, Code Blue 12-o'clock!
by ralber November 14, 2007
The Color which signals the time for a bunch of guys to drop what they're doing and run into a bar to jerk each other off. Seen in the short film by the Coors Brewing Company currently showing in between regularly scheduled programming. Initiated by the first guy in the bar becoming aware of his own Testicular swelling. You can watch video's of the money shot on their home page.
Cheney had a heart condition and had to be careful not to let himself be "backed up," So when Congress approved the supplemental spending on the war, he texted the cabinet (Condi included), and alerted them to his "CODE BLUE." He then unzipped himself and reached into an undisclosed location.
by Mick Hucknell July 22, 2008
When a mans pubic hairs get tucked into his foreskin creating pain and miscomfort.
"damn it"
"Whats wrong?"
"Code blue mate"
by bernie06 September 24, 2005
A code word for marijuana, even though it's green, but code green would just be too obvious.
Kid - Let's smoke some weed.
Kid2 - Dude, someone might hear. It's "code blue"
by Bizarro April 24, 2005
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