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A code called at Linden Oaks Mental Hospital. It's used when a patient goes completely ape shit and the only thing left to do is to lock them in a room and inject Ativan in their ass.
"Code Yellow in adolescent. Code Yellow in adolescent."
"I bet that's Karlee."
by Luna Tick February 25, 2012
When a girl or guy stares at another guy or girl who they think is cute for long period of time (stalker like). This is to be used as a warning to warn the person that someone is staring into the very depths of there very soul for 5 hours without taking any breaks. Its is best to avoid a Code Yellow if at all possible to prevent any discomfort! To warn someone of a Code Yellow, just say "Code Yellow" or, for singal purposes, say "Yellow" in sign language.
"He/She won't take their eyes off you! CODE YELLOW! RUUUUN!"
by ForbiddenProdigy October 26, 2011
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