- noun
The act of expectorating recently ejaculated semen into the face of the jizzum donor. The expectorate must be expelled in such a manner so as to be well distributed over the recipient's visage, so as to simulate or suggest the shrapnel damage that so often accompanies concussive chemical experiences. Note that a primary blast area or concentration of impact is not uncommon.
After examining the splatter pattern on Chief's face and the manner in which it had stubbornly adhered to his facial hair, Penny suspected M.A.D. involvement, the coconut explosion being one of their trademark forms of sabotage.
by Dr. Monster February 21, 2011
Top Definition
When a guy comes in a girl's mouth and she spits it back into his face.
Trevor came over last night and we went at it for hours. I gave him a taste of his own medicine at the end -- he got one hell of a coconut explosion!
by minutehandz February 25, 2011

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