Cocktown is the word to use for a situation that isn't great but isn't too terrible.

Example: Getting a C+ on a test. It isn't Great But it isn't totally terrible. It's Cocktown.

An expression used to explain how one feels about a situation.
Dude that test was so cocktown.
by littleNoraBrown May 02, 2009
Top Definition
A place where people come from and live who have had an interaction with another person and acted like a COCK.

A Cock by this definition is a person who, for no real reason takes pleasure in doing, saying or treating others with no regard, compassion or general empathy to other human beings.
After I'd explained my financial situation and why my rent was late my landlord issued me an intent to evict notice. Welcome to Cocktown
by mayorofCT December 15, 2011
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