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1. A girl that flirts with boys but doesn't want to date them or hook up with them. She ends up leading multiple guys on and eventually shoots them down or rejects them last minute.

2. A girl who craves attention from men so that she can use them. (Warning: STAY AWAY FROM COCKTEASE HO's)
Rebecca talks to a new student and gives him several hints that she likes him. Some are small and subtle, while others are obvious.

Over the course of a year he starts to develop a friendship with Rebecca, and eventually asks her out and tells her his true feelings. But when this happens she will either reject him or give him some lame excuse.

But what she is actually doing is screwing with his head and flirting with other guys because she is attention seeking and a ho.

Rebecca is nothing more than A COCKTEASE HO
by smooth DoGoodWork criminal December 16, 2009
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