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Stain left by a king-crab or dinosaur
"Did he say cockstain? What the fuck is a cockstain?!"
by lolwhatlolroflwoot January 21, 2007
28 60
Some white freaky stuff. White boys get them White women to do anything.
You wanna do a cockstain?
by PorchMonkey4Life July 24, 2006
346 57
Stain from ones penis, what you'd find on a single males' bed sheets. Used to belittle and offend other males.
Get outa my face you little cock stain before I bitch slap your ass!!!!
by The Big Frazbo September 29, 2006
88 31
Some freaky arse white shit.
"Whats a cock stain?"
"some freaky arse white shit, those white boys get those white girls to do anything, you wanna do a cock stain?"
"Hell No!"
by Claremydia September 11, 2008
77 25
1. A cum stain in the shape of a cock.

2. Can also be used as an insult against person of choice.
A man ejaculates all over his cock and then presses it against his partner's skin (or clothing), leaving an imprint in cum that is the shape of his cock. His partner can then let the cockstain dry thoroughly for for a more lasting effect.
by cockstain July 21, 2007
26 22
to call someone a cock stain.
man fuck off, you a COCK STAIN.
by myrealnameisbrent August 16, 2011
4 6
When a chick sits on your cock and leaves a stain behind from her ass.

Jennifer was doing some freaky shit last night and left a cockstain
by Fizzboker August 19, 2007
25 56