When a well endowed man swings his cack back and forth in front of a woman like a pendulum until she goes into a deep sleep. Once the woman is fully emotionally and physicality paralyzed the man shoots his gravy on her forehead.

Note* The Cocknotist is a wonderful one-night-stand technique. The woman will never remember what happened the night before, and the man may have free reign over a wondrous body. It is cheaper, more effective, and completely legal compared to its counterpart, roofies.
I was peeing in the guy's bathroom when the lady janitor was cleaning and I decided I wanted some action. I gave her the cocknotist and fucked her like a banshee in the 3rd stall, the one with all the profanity and cacks, then I left her there to be found only by her boss and to make matters worse, be fired the next day.
by Kgc the all time playa December 06, 2009
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