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Arby "n" the Chief Series 3 episode 3 "Professional" The nest day after the Arbiter meets the chief's best friend craig who claims to be MLG the Arbiter grabs a can of beer from the fridge and while heading back to the xbox he spots Chief crying and Chief explains that Craig and his friends made fun of Chief and made him upset. The Arbiter does not really seem to care until he finds out the Craig has called him a COCKMONGLING QWEEFBURG3Rthen the arbiter storms off to the xbox and sorts it out with craig. You see this event happening in the next episode "Face off"
Arbiter:" what the hell. Chief? "
Chief: " :'( Go weeyy "
Arbiter:" what's the matter? Run out of vaseline again? "
Chief:" Snif its craig "
Arbiter:" What ABOUT that douche? "
Chief:" Him adn his frinds maed fuN of meh, maed meh crai :(! "
Arbiter:" well maybe NOW you'll learn to pick better friends "
Chief:" adn he calld u a cockmongling Qweefburg3r "
by Moe.Y December 02, 2008
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