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An extravigent porn star who can do it all she can go both ways guys or girls she can handle up to 15 people at one time note the juggling part. And her vagina is so great that when you stick it in you hear thunder from the greatness of the GODS
1)Jamie: "DAMN, did you see that cockjugglingthundercunt? "

Jeff: "Yea dude, I watch her every night

2) Kirk: "DUDE your mom is a cockjugglingthundercunt "

by Sir Jamie January 20, 2007
6 1
(n.) A rare individual. When found in its true from, it manages to combine qualities of the bitch, the blabbermouth, and the cum dumpster in a veritable shitstorm of evil. The cock-juggling thunder cunt is in fact so evil, that it transcends the plane of the urban, and lives on the plane of the spiritual. Spiritually speaking, it is akin to if Satan douched out his vagina, assuming he had a vagina and was prone to acts of vaginal hygiene, and then left the contents of his vaginal douche in the fridge for like a month and a half, because Satan's a big asshole and would do that kinda thing, even though it would mean all the butter and yogurt in there would start to smell like douche and you'd have to throw it out because he didn't even have the common sense to open up another thing of baking soda because i know there's already one in there but he know's it's old. The cock-juggling thunder cunt should be avoided at all costs. A friend or relative beginning an intimate or sexual relationship with a cock-juggling thunder cunt requires strict measures of spiritual salvation including, although not limited to, "Dude, what the fuck? Alright, come on out with us tonight, we're gonna get you LAID." If you yourself encounter a cock-juggling thunder cunt, call her out as one, then jingle any loose change you have in your pockets as a distraction and back away slowly. If she corners you, just remember her fatal weaknesses: that all of her friends hate her, the combination of Sex in the City and Edy's Cookies and Cream, and of course, cock juggling.

*VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Cock-jugglling thunder cunt is a very powerful term, and should only be used socially as a sort of coup-de-gras. See below example with this thing (*) by it. Asterisk, that's it.
Eric: Can I have a blowjob?
Suzy: No.
Eric: (sighs) Can I please have a blowjob?
Suzy: Still no.
(Here Suzy represents a cock-juggling thunder cunt)

Lawyer: Not only have a proven that although Mrs. Johnson was in Canada at the time of their slaying, that she is nonetheless responsible for the brutal deaths of her husband, children, nephew, lesbian lover and dog, but she is also (dramatic pause) a COCK-JUGGLING THUNDER CUNT! I rest my case.
by Jason Kellerman August 10, 2006
619 68
what to call a stupid bitch, when calling her 'stupid bitch' simply won't do; the most offensive insult ever
Rio's girlfriend is a total cock juggling thunder cunt.
by kick ass chick January 12, 2005
423 81
A swear word a million billion times worse than "Guff". First used by Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity.
"Eat shit! You Cock Juggling Thunder Cunt".
by Leeroy80 October 10, 2005
251 95
Used in the famous movie "Blade Trinity" by Ryan Renold's Character as an insult on one of his vampiric captors. it's just a basic insult that can be used on anyone when angry
Person 1: Did you get me that DVD then
Person 2: hmmm... No!
Person 1: You Cock Juggling Thunder Cunt!
by Bob Bobberson June 06, 2005
131 46
When out of other insults to use, this isult should be used in EPIC word battles ONLY! This is the greatest insult to ever be uddered from the mouth of man. Use it cautiously!
Word Battle Opponent: Man youre so fucking gay that you like cocks!


Word Battle Opponent: Wow... you win.
by Tmarr August 28, 2006
94 40
The best insult to anyone, ever.
1: hey
by TestamenTT July 23, 2006
73 23
hallarious insult used in Blade Trinity.
"You cock-juggling-thunder-cunt!"
by ducttapeman May 02, 2005
49 8