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To insert your penis tip in another guys foreskin.
That cockdocking guy has made some penises disappear in his foreskin.
by CnV October 15, 2009
18 4
It is when two men are having sex and one inserts his penis into the other's foreskin rubbing it until he cums.
Last night my boyfriend and I had a hot cock docking session.
by liking February 04, 2007
194 104
The act of a man inserting his penis into another mans foreskin.
Man last night we were cock-docking like the soyuz at the International space station.
by Slaughterhut January 04, 2012
64 27
the act of covering another man's penis with his foreskin. It is a strictly cock-to-cock act where at least one uncut penis is required. Those who can participate in this act are men and hermaphrodites. Being gay or homosexual is not required, though it can make the act much more satisfactory.
Circumcised Guy: Hey, uncut guy, wanna try cock docking?

Uncircumcised Guy: No way faggot, I don't stoop to your God-defying ways!

Circumcised Guy: Come on! It'll be fun and stuff.

Uncircumcised Guy: No thanks, I'll only do it with another uncut guy. And besides, I keep lot of cheese in my dick.
by Deddie Makaca July 22, 2009
59 72