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Columbus, Ohio local music forum. Noted mainly for it's poster's addictions to drama, drugs, bad music and left-wing PC causes such as gay marriage and free drugs for African-American AIDS patients. Lowest cumulative IQ of any music forum on the Internet.
I read CockBoat today and I swear they are allowing chimps to post there. Chimps who work for Noam Chomsky.
by PitBulls January 23, 2004

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Ascii for \8===D/
\8===D/ hop into teh cockboat plz.!
Comes into play when someone says or does something stupid, and is about to pay the consequences
Jcterminal, you're about to take a ride on the cockboat
by madgrad January 24, 2003
a boat full of your cock.
whats up sexy, want to take a ride on the cockboat?
by NEGRO February 25, 2004