A very larger male reproductive organ
Hey sis stay away from that guy his cock-a-saurus-REX shredded my vagina last weekend my uterus was bruised and required medical attention. (Sis looks longingly at the bulge and thinks HMMM a little dino-cock sounds pretty good.)
by bill werden May 26, 2008
Top Definition
A dinosaur from the jerassic period with few preserved fossils, its cock is so large it is said to be able to knock out any dinosaur with one hard swing of its massive penis
cockasaurusrex defeated the spinosaurus again! damn!
by uncle sams cousin April 13, 2011
A giant dick bigger than 8 inches long.
I hope that bitch is ready for my cockasaurus rex.
by sexslangs January 14, 2009
term used for the choreographer in all male three-ways, a very difficult task.
Dude, we gotta call in the cockasaurus rex, I can't for the life of me figure out how to do an all-male threeway.
by painful's mom July 08, 2009
Someone who spends the majority of their life sucking cock or another word for a homosexual.
Person 1: I am positive Mitch is a homosexual
Person 2: He is becoming quite the Cockasaurus Rex
by mitch is a bitch December 10, 2007
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