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The state of intense jealousy one feels as a result of viewing a meat men in his signature glistening white coat. The swag which is produced by the donning of one’s meat coat has been known to cause feelings of murderous rage, sexual pleasure and/or frustration, and an overall sense of security from being in the presence of a man of meat.
(After being viewed in full meat man attire)
"Why are you hating on me so bad? Oh, does someone have a case of coat envy?"

(two civilians discussing the meat men)
Guy one - "Sounds like you have a case of coat envy."

Guy two - "I don't have coat envy!"

Guy one - "Freshmen year had a pretty bad case of coat envy myself, until the meat men stuck a parking cone up my ass."
by Meat Man Cometh April 06, 2013
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