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Refers to a specific sort of character in a Dungeons and Dragons game. A CoDzilla is a Cleric or Druid who excels in one field, such as melee damage, far beyond the limits of any other class, while still more than capable at anything else he or she chooses. While a Fighter might have good consistent attack power, or a Sorceror a broader selection of spells, a CoDzilla can outdo either at any given moment and still be ready to do it again.
"You can survive multiple direct hits from an iron golem, you can cleave its head off in a handful of attacks, you can heal the rest of the party to full, you can drive away scores of undead, and you still have enough time for a cup of tea?"
"Behold the awesome might of CoDzilla."
by Cronocke February 27, 2008
Cleric or Druid + Godzilla.
Generally used to describe a Dungeons and Dragons character of said class using loopholes or overpowered features to attain game-breaking power.
"My character can out-fight the Fighter, out-cast the Wizard, out-buff the Bard, and heal himself, too."
"Hey, no CoDzilla!"
by Corey Anderson January 23, 2008
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