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A scheming little bastard, also known as schemin'cmen who's willing to do anything for anything.A selfish little prick that if given the chance would fuck his own mom for a nickle.
"that's scheming cmen bitch for ya"
"hey schemin cmen"
by Blackt December 28, 2009
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A schemin bitch who's nickname is Cmen bitch, he likes to drink bong water and do anything for some money or other form of currency. He schemes and is soo shady the sun never shines around him. He lies cheats and has sex with pocketpussys.
Beware of the Cmen bitch
What else did you expect from that Cmen bitch?
by Datsaucsygage December 28, 2009
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a person who likes to jerk off in a corner with his bestfriend while sometimes getting sloppy seconds from his bestfriend with a pocketpussy and making VERY gay music.
dont be a snitch like cmen bitch!
by muktar August 04, 2007
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