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Once a month she reached for her trusty clunge sponge to avoid any unsightly Mexican lipsticks
by Das Clunge April 21, 2009
British underground derogative and humorous term for a designer beard.

Made famous by Jack Whitehall on British TV program QI (episode: J06-Joints).
Man (pointing at his face): Oy babes, check this out! I call it the clunge sponge!

clunge beard metrosexual peacocking qi
by saintsebastian January 08, 2013
Betty had to put in a clunge sponge as she just came on her period in the middle of town.
by BUM BOIL March 05, 2015
A cute dog, baby or absolute LAD who attracts females like they're going out of fashion.
Have you seen Dave's new puppy? Absolute clunge sponge!
by Colonel Fenton Summerville September 03, 2014
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