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A bubbly and fluffy pairing between two dudes, who are total mates in real life, but have a hidden agenda.
"Aww, they're so Cluke!"
by very_noble August 24, 2009
Orginating in San Diego, Cluke is defined as a synonym for Beat or Busted.
Girls that go to the school of creative and performing arts are so cluke!
by niggataylor October 27, 2007
Defined as beat or busted.
a female that is easy to get with.
and down to swack.
damn, that beezy over there looks pretty cluke, i bet she's down to swack.
by niggataylor October 27, 2007
Someone who is unaware they are being a slut or a whore
Those scpa girls act like clukes when they hang around those boys
by clukesofSD November 15, 2007
fat emo stupid bitch that picks her ass
that girls such a cluke
by rhondoscholovitz February 06, 2008