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One who attends night clubs on a regular basis; one who has an addiction to a phat bassline.
My friends that go out every Saturday are all a bunch of clubheads.
by Chicago Clubhead October 26, 2003
(noun) Someone who will spend majority of free time at nightclubs. Can also be associated with Guidos//Guidettes. Loves techno, house, hip-hop, etc. music. Usually a good dancer.
Person 1: Hey, what are you doing this weekend?
Person 2: Probably checkin' out that new club on Main.
Person 1: Ohh yeaa, I forgot you're a Club Head. Hit me up if you're going!
by OMGiamMEE! November 26, 2009
Someone who will spend majority of free time at nightclubs. Fake tanned, high maintenance, self loather looking too fill a void. Club Heads can never be trusted, and for the most part will get with anyone who they meet. They also think that wearing sunglasses inside or at night looks cool. They are the number 1 supporter of Ed Hardiots and are basically slaves to the grungy mass produced electronic beats that society deems "good music".
"dude I can't stand Club Heads. if I ever want to cram myself in a dingy club with 100's of strangers creeping around me and terrible music playing all night, put me out of my misery."
by anti-fake chicks March 07, 2010
person who is known to the tri-state area clubs frequently
everyone knows them.Popular
your a clubhead man u gotta calm your shytt
by XX NJS CLUBHEADD XX April 16, 2007
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