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A phrase which was coined by a well known Belfast shoplifter on a train to Bangor. He called his wife, who was carrying nine aged plastic bags each containing a single sheet of paper, a "Clownhead Ballroot". Presumably the term Clownhead refers to someone who's head resembles that of a clown. Given the womans deshevled appearence, gaunt features and howling, it appears to have been an accurate description.
Look at the fucking hack of you with them plastic bags, you're fucking mad you clownhead ballroot.
by Aaron Walker September 22, 2005
A mans head that is hairy on the sides but completely
bald in the middle.
Coreys dad is such a clown head!
by Kayla #1 August 10, 2006
1. A Clownhead, is a police car. "Clown", refers to the flashing lights and "head" refers to the top of the police car.

2. A snitch.
That Clownhead just pulled up behind me!

Look out, here comes a bunch of Clownheads!

That dude ratted out my boys, he's a straight Clownhead.
by djDoubloon June 28, 2009
A person whose antics are entertaining, yet also indicate extreme stupidity or foolishness.
Next time don't annoy a wasp nest on purpose, you clownhead!
by GirlNumanoid May 24, 2016
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