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A genre of music, like gangsta rap, where people put on clown masks and rap about shooting up schools, hating homosexuals, or killing people any more popular, successful, or happier than they are. Popular amongst white-trash, redneck goths, the main audience generally hangs out around southern, lower-class suburban malls. Insane Clown Posse is sort of like the Elvis or Jimi Hendrix of this music.
Redneck, white-trash, chicken-shit mall goth 1- "This music kicks ass! I hate homosexuals, people who don't smell like shit and popular kids! I just want to shoot them all, just like these clowns!"
Redneck, white-trash, chicken-shit mall goth 2- That's what clown rap is all about!
by Stinko "Moist Hole" Donnie September 04, 2009
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