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1 — A term used for females who wear excessive make-up which results in them looking either whorish or like a circus clown or BOTH, but nevertheless extremely ridiculous, gross and tacky.
2 — Also used to describe a particular style of make-up which if often darkly outlining facial features such as eyes, lips and cheeks for glamour purposes. It could focus on all three or a combination of them. This style of make-up is intended to look that way and is usually done in a manner that does NOT look completely taste-less (not really 'day make-up', though).
1 — "Did you see that teacher? How can she wear so much make-up when she's coming to work to teach Maths? She looks like a fucken clown hooker."
2 — "My daughter, Sabrina, was in a magazine photoshoot for this Winter themed article. They put really heavy 'glamour' make-up on her. The photographic director told the make-up artist to create "a cold clown hooker feel", whatever that means."
by Rina Lam January 24, 2012
v. To drive by a group of prostitutes and throw fruit at them.
These aplles are rotten, lets use them to clownhooker some hoes.
by JSA1 September 08, 2007