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1. An opening or orifice in the body between the gluteus maximus (buttcheeks), sometimes called the anus, anal orifice, bunghole, cornhole, turdcutter or other related synonyms. Used for dispensing of fecal matter, sometimes known as excrement, or insertion of items such as fruit and vegetables, gerbils and other such foreign objects. 2. Insult used to bring down the morale of a person in order to crush their inferior spirit.
1. I feel a fudge-nugget trying to escape my clown hole. 2. Children are such clown holes.
by John Barry July 13, 2006
A word that brings up the most vile images, but is technically acceptable to say in front of anyone, because it does not involve any offensive or socially unnaceptable word. A true definition is not needed, as it is self explanitory.
You: "My teacher is the biggest clownhole..."
Your Grandmother: "What? That's hidious! Watch your language!"
You: "What?! It's just.... a hole full of clowns!"
by Hobbes Black May 26, 2005
The vagina. As used in several episodes of 'American Dad!'
Francine Smith: I'll shove you back up my clown hole, birth you again, and name you my bitch, NOW GET OUT OF THAT CAGE!
by atheistgirl March 28, 2016
the same thing as saying asshole...only you're not saying it. and if someone asks you what u called them... you can say "oh, nothing...just a hole full of clowns"
Your such a clown hole!!!!!
by therealchaka April 01, 2011
invented in part by the great show that is codemonkeys, it is a disturbing yet stupidly funny term used to represent a form of an idiot. usually associated with losers. Also really bad stripper in some forms.
Dave: yes Marie, this is all your fault.
Marie: clownhole...
GAWD DALE these strippers are just a bunch of clownholes!
by kepler necbrewski November 29, 2009
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