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When a woman wears too much makeup.
Monica is such a pretty woman, but I wish she wasn't so clown faced.
by SXSW May 06, 2011
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When you are drunk to the point of acting like a clown, also when you are drunk your cheeks often turn red like a clown.
Bro, I was so clownfaced last night i couldn't tie my shoe.
by Matt Rumley December 18, 2008
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When a male jizzes around ur lips then punches you in the nose to make u look like a clown
Randy got clowned faced by tony.
Frank clown faced his little sister when she caught him jacking off in his moms bed.
by michael October 27, 2003
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someone who puts on too much makeup, therefore making them look like a clown
Sarah: Whoa! Look at that girls makeup!
Becky: She put too much on....ick
Sarah: Yeah, shes clown-faced
by mwahhahahababe November 30, 2009
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