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A "Cloud Chaser" is a person who, using a personal vaporizer (mechanical mod) and an RDA with a low resistance coil inhales and then expels large amounts of vapor from their lungs as a spectacle to behold. Generally "Cloud Chasers" display their skills at "Cloud Chasing Competitions".
That dude is a cloud chaser, look at them clouds! - The Cloud Chasers have arrived for the competition.
#cloud chaser #cloud chasing #cloud chasers #blowing clouds #chasing clouds #cloud-chaser
by nineX February 24, 2015
A person of Native American descent who only dates whites.
She will never go out with you, bro. She is an cloud chaser.
#coal burner #nigger-lover #race traitor #undercover other lover #sellout
by mreckshun August 11, 2008
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