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A couple who cannot decide whether or not they actually feel sexually attracted to one another. This indecision is only pertinent only to the couple however because the sheer volume of time they spend with each other alongside of the quasi-couple activities they perform together, which often culminates in sleeping in the same bed .Because of these activities This couple is usually recognized as being together by everyone in their social circle, with the resulting teasing often driving the couple even closer together, particularly when under the influence of Tequila.
When asked about sleeping habits, they answer 'Hey, it makes sense for us to sleep in the same bed. For one, it's warmer. Two, when I have a weird dream I can wake him up and tell him about it. Three, it's just nice to have your best friend there to talk to.'

When asked why this does not seem at all similar to a relationship, the closeted couple participant does not understand the question and walks away.
by The watcher of Wayne's world. February 05, 2012

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