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No Curlystyle, a closet Dj is a person who is just making their own music using music-making programs in the comfort of their own home.

You don't have to be famous Dj in order to be a ''real'' Dj, you just have to either make your own, or remix other trax.
Sick Boy: Did ye hear Dj V4ND4L'S new track?! It's fukkin' superb!

Renton: Ah yeh, I have indeed!

Sick Boy: Do ye think she'll get signed?

Renton: I hope so, but she's a closet Dj, well for now atleast.
by V4ND4L June 07, 2009
fake dj who uses computers at home, and then claims that he/she is a dj. Often claims they can make phat beats/tracks, but has never ever had a real "gig".
This MoFo Talkin like he know's what's real, but he aint nuthing but a closet dj.
by Curlystyle December 11, 2008
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