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When a guy is too good looking and intimidates any surrounding social group. The guy is considered to be so good looking (like the actor George Clooney) that he has a hard time getting woman to trust him because they think he's a player. Also the men around him get jealous and try to push you out of the social group with drama so they have a better chance with the women in the group.
Girl: "Hey, I don't get a good vibe from him, he's very handsome and I think he's a player"

Girl2: "Yea, he suffers from the Clooney Effect, give him a chance though... don't judge too quickly."
by DragMeToHell May 27, 2009
The Clooney Effect describes the day when society collapses onto itself, and Hell erupts from every orafice on George Clooney's body. The Clooney Effect is believed to be caused when TRCZ Forum member Pyschotic is named Moderator. The resulting outburst of Hell's demons will take over the remaining 4 members of decent society (TRCZ member, Platinum_Racing being one of them), as predicted in the movie "Golden Girls". To see the Hellacious prediction, one must watch the entire movie Golden Girls backwards. The secret of the Clooney Effect was kept since the late 1980's, because there was only a handful of people who could sit through the entire Golden Girls movie while played forward, nevermind backwards.
Man 1: "Did you see the secret Clooney Effect message in the movie 'Golden Girls'?"
Man 2: "No. How do you find it?"
Man 1: "You need to play the movie backwards."
Man 2:"Oh screw that, I can't even watch that movie forwards!"
Man 1:"Oh well, lets just all go to then."
Man 2: "Agreed"
by TRCZ Member, Platinum_Racing December 04, 2006
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