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Style or brand of clothing marketed toward the insecurities of teenagers who feel they need to match the outward appearance of the social clique with they would like to belong. Preppys are the most conspicuous group but there are others as well; including cliques that define themselves as non-conformists yet still wear the same non-conformist clothing, colors and brands
Preppy Clonewear: Khakis, A&F shirt, LLBean docksiders.
Emo Clonewear: Black tee shirt, tight black jeans studded leather neck and bracelets
Metal Guy Clonewear: Jeans, Black concert shirt, black leather jacket
Jock Clonewear: jeans, School sport tee shirt, Letterman Jacket
by 07079 January 14, 2009

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The clothes that everyone thinks are cool and everyone buys them to fit in and to make themselves look even more like preps.
Abercrombie is the lamest brand, it's clonewear
by Masonite February 18, 2004