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Derived for the greek meaning beautiful (french way of spelling rather than english) she is outgoing and cheery she loves to have a large crowd of friends and is normally found with a boy, (whether it be a boyfriend or not) shes popular and friendly, Shes a natural born entertainer she loves to sing dance and act shes normally modest and puts herself down alot when she doesnt need to. her friends tend to love her from her courage, cheeriness and beacuse they know they will find a good friend in Cloé (dependant and trustworthy)
you look like a Cloé today (because of her beauty)
by Meadbh September 15, 2007
The most amazing, beautiful girl ever. She's funny, and gorgeous, and intelligent. Her kisses are amazing and when she holds you it feels like nothing else matters. She's all anyone could ever want.

Zeroye: I am the most lucky girl in the whole world, because I'm with Cloe. :)
by Zeroye November 14, 2010
Spoken in the same way as the name Chloe. Abbreviation for the phrase "Chronic Lack of Enthusiasm”. Used in context when referring to something you could not be bothered attempting or attending.
In regards to my son being away, he is suffering from a bad case of CLoE, and will not be attending until cured.
by Meridian_jay October 30, 2005
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