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A counseling and psychiatry service designed for low-income families. The receptionists are real bitches and the counselors (also called "case managers") are unlicensed and have no feelings for their clients.
Receptionist: "Good afternoon, Clinical Services"
Me: "I am running low on medication"
Receptionist: "And who's your case manager?"
Me: "Joan"
Receptionist: "OK, I'll transfer you to Joan"


Rescheduling an appointment

Me: "I have an appointment with Dr. Sweet on January 11 and have to reschedule"
Receptionist: "You won't be able to get in until April 14"
Me: "I guess I'll keep the 11th"


Joan: "We don't have the time to keep signing papers..."


Joan (to my mother): "If he continues to have any suicidal thoughts, let the police handle him!"
by JLS0986 January 13, 2008
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