A Cliftonite is a native from the middle class area of Bristol. A Cliftonite is normally someone who refuses to leave the area of Clifton and venture into the City of Bristol. They are normally wealthy and look down upon other lower class Bristolians.
The Cliftonites were reluctant to leave Clifton
by Dr Wordsmith August 18, 2010
Top Definition
A person from Cliftonville Road, Belfast. Not known by elder generations and is normally only used by teenagers of the area. Most Notably, "The Cliftonville Wolfpack" who run the place.
Cliftonites Unite!
by totefofo October 19, 2010
A person from Clifton in Nottingham, England. Who is unable to speak with any form of articulation or prose.

One who is doomed to work a menial job in chicken plucking all their life, if they choose to get a job at all.
John Doe is a real Cliftonite, he speaks with a full-on potty mouth whilst in the job centre signing on.
by NottsLad April 07, 2009

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