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Anything or place that smells like Cleveland. Anything or Place that smells like a combination of Pollution, Marijuana Smoke, and Gunpowder. It is Also Known As the Detroit, and Baltimore smell.

Cleveland, Ohio is one of the few cities to have a distinct smell. The smell is primarily a mix of Factory Waste, Marijuana Smoke, and Gunpowder. There is also a hint of: Decaying bodies, Burning Rivers, Crack Smoke, Alcohol, Rat Poison, and Rabid Dogs.
Maine Yuppie: (Plugs nose) "Ahhh, what the hell is that smell"
Cleveland Thug: "What? I dont smell nothin"
Maine Yuppie: "Its a over-powering stench of weed, gunsmoke, and Nuclear waste, oh I think Im dying man!"
Cleveland Thug: "Ohh, thats just the Cleveland Smell"
Maine Yuppie: "Get me to the nearest StarBucks!!, ahh ahh..." (passes out)
Cleveland Thug: "I dont get it man, my dude from Detroit came down here and said it smelled great"
by Steve Cleve April 06, 2008
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