the thing that gives Browns fans a stiffy and solace during the crisp fall evenings when the days shorten and the temperatures drop while the football season is still young: the hopeful prospect of beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, not once, but TWICE, in a single season. This is the maniacal fever dream of all desperate Browns fans.
--Did you hear Reggie going on about the Browns taking it to the Steelers twice this year?

--Yeah the Browns are already 0-5. Reggie's a real Cleveland Dreamer.
by Ohio driver January 26, 2013
Top Definition
The act of performing a Cleveland Steamer on an unconscious person.
The bitch passed out so I gave her a Cleveland Dreamer.
by scp333 March 20, 2009
The act of shitting oneself while sleeping and also on another person in the bed unbeknownst to them.
My wife's making me sleep on the couch because I had a Cleveland Dreamer last nite.
by shadow17x September 25, 2011
When you wake up from a sleep or nap and your mouth tastes like someone took a shit in it.
I was dreaming of banging a beautiful whore and woke up with a taste of shit in my mouth, it was the proverbial Cleveland Dreamer taste.
by MrTong October 20, 2008
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