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It's a disorder that makes you bathe over and over again and you don't feel clean. Similar to OCD, but to the extreme.

-A constant urge to bathe.
- Feeling dirty after showering.
-Internal guilt or despair.
-Showering more than 3 times a day.
-Constant anxiety.
-Urge to bathe over and over again.
Example: When a victim gets raped and feels dirty , they rush to take a shower to feel better and to clean up. But finds that the shower doesn't make them feel clean. ( Internally the victim feels dirty)

Can be used like:

"You are suffering from Clenthzombia."
"You are a Clenthzombiac."
"Your acting like a Clenthzombiac."
by Dr. Mellowhype April 19, 2013

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