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A person who chooses to vote for Liberal Democrats, in turn voting for Nick Clegg to be primeminister, in UK politics.

Also, linked to cleg nuts as they are both annoying hangers on, you don't know where to stand with them, plus they smell.
Dave: I'm totally voting LibDems this election, Nick Clegg will really help this country out.
Mitch: Mate, you're such a fence sitting Clegg Nut!
by NevRam April 29, 2010
bits of shit that get caught in your bum hairs. They can grow in size after repeated non-good wiping of the arse to become bum conkers.
ohh me cleggnuts are killing me, I need some real toilet paper, not this Izal grease-proof stuff, to get them off.
by DarioRocco November 28, 2009