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The universal math constant where every frequent female facebook, myspace, ect... user has at least one outstanding picture of their respective cleavage. Cases which include more than one include: the slut in your 3rd period gym class, the beach photos from spring break, and of course the ever loved low cut shirts.
Note: often along with said cleavage photo, an album with possibly more photos of similar exposure may be found that most likely contain side boob, under boob, and/or camel toe in addition.
Guy 1: Hey dude remember that girl I got with at the party last night?
Guy 2: Yeah man you're so lucky you got to see those jugs, I wish I was as fortunate as you.
Guy 1: Not so fast, buddy!
Guy 2: Gah, what?
Guy 1: She requested me on facebook. I think you should take a look at photo number 523.
Guy 2: OMG, it's almost like I was there with you.
Guy 1: Yes, man. Thank God for the cleavage rule.
*High Fives*
by shmonnorshmusie February 23, 2009
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